The Benefits of Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments differ from traditional tournaments in that players are usually competing for the same prize, instead of regular tournaments where winners will see payouts that are graded based on how well they perform. Satellite tournaments have many benefits that should be considered.

Satellite Tournaments

Most players would approach satellite tournaments in a way that differs from traditional tournaments. Most satellite tournaments have the final group of players, or those who are rated the highest, winning the exact same prize. Your goal, then, is to ensure not necessarily that you are number one, but that you play in a way that puts you near the top and then continue in a way that keeps you in a safety zone. Falling below that group means that you win nothing so even an early lead could spell disaster if you lose your concentration. Determine how many chips you need to survive and play sparingly near the end.

The Main Benefits

One of the clear benefits of playing satellite tournaments is that your investment can be considerably smaller than it would be in a traditional game. An example would be with the Sunday Million on Pokerstars - traditional players will spend over two hundred dollars, while satellite players have the option of getting into the same game for as little as three dollars. This entirely changes the benefit to risk ratio and makes the satellite option very desirable. Satellite games are becoming more and more popular and the payouts are rising as well.

Though you may think it is impossible to replicate the rush you feel while sitting at a poker table, do not discount the genuine nature of the satellite game. Many players find this to be a convenient way of participating and honing their craft, all at a reduced cost. Consider reputable sites like Pokerstars to participate in and win tournament tickets.