Choosing the Right Game

Table selection can mean the difference between walking away from the poker table with relatively low winnings or satisfyingly high ones. The type of table you choose to play at can have a significant impact on the amount of money you win and is therefore one of your most important game considerations.

What to Look for in Tables

Though the temptation may be to play at tables that have no limits or very high limits, your win rate may be higher at lower tables, meaning you walk away with more money. If the limit is $1000 at a table but it is occupied by five card sharks, while the $100 table has five inexperienced players, you may well walk away with more money from the lower limit table. Consider measuring by hourly win rate and determining the amount of money you would win over a lengthy period of time. Importantly, consider observing games for a while before sitting down and partaking in the action. Being able to withhold your urge to play and measuring up your competition first may mean greater winnings.

The Games of Choice

Many players prefer games where there is little deception. These sorts of straightforward games can produce a great amount of winnings for a minimum amount of effort. Playing against opponents who do not have the experience to deceive means you can play aggressively with relatively poor hands, and more easily determine when others have good hands and therefore fold early. For the more experienced players who enter into tournaments, look for weak players in addition to favorable payouts and blind structures.

Patience is key for table choice in the game of poker. Make the rounds, size up the pace and temperature of the tables and choose according to your goals. If a long haul with little risk is achievable, choose the lower value table; if the high-end table holds the most promise, make it your temporary home and bid appropriately.